Fabrizio Mencarelli has 3 passions : 

Aviation, Medecine in all its aspects and travelling to understand different cultures and their history.
He is original from Milano, son of a Chemical Industrialist and a Piano Professor. Art and  blue  blood
are family heritage. Only the first counts.


As a young boy he built anything that could fly. The best gift was a trip  to  the local airport  to see
those beautiful, shining  mecanical  
marvels. The  smell  of  kerosene, the  roar of the engines were
magic, not nuisance. At the  age of 16 he started  soaring  gliders in the Alps. He won  a schoarship
that  allowed  him to  finish his  High School in California. Meeting  Regan  and a true  friendship with
Warhol  enriched  the experience. After  passing  all  the european  and American licences he 
applied as Alitalia pilot. At the time only military were considered.  Copiloting a  DC 9 had to wait 15
more years. He went on his own. 
He opened  his  company  for  Med  Evac  and  «Angels’ flights». He
completed his medical education in Italy, France and  Northern  Ireland. 
In  the  Usa  he  obtained his
American medical certification and the First Pilot Commercial license. 
In Venezuela  he  participated
in High Tech procedures with the University of  Miami  and  charity in the Orinoco. 
All the  free  time
was devoted to stages in High trauma Areas : Belfast, Detroit, Africa and travelling to Australia  and
the Pacific as an avid sailor and scuba diver.
He flew and explored the Indian ocean, Caribe, Bahamas.

In 1998 the reviving and transfer of a tetraplegic from the waters of the  Grenadines  to  Miami  was
an achievement. Planes were always in the scene and not only as pleasure objects.


He started coming to Switzerland in the 90s to cooperate with local surgeons ( also flyers) and  learn
from the geniuses of the time 
(Profs Staubli and Jakob). He  was  always  on  stand  by  for  medevac
The first day of the new century (1.1.2000) found him on a Citation from  Geneva  to  save  a
life in Egypt.
In 2005 he decided to move to Switzerland, opened an office for ski trauma and became
Emergency  Doctor. 
New  friends  gave  him  the  opportunity  to  fly  again  jets. The U.S Goverment
nominated him Aviation Medical Examiner for Switzerland 
(2 posts in Geneva, 1 in Lugano, 3 in Zurich)
which is a great privilege and the dream of a life.
Flying always was and is his unconditional everlasting
May it be in a single engine with friends or  in  a  professional  mission  with  a  jet  in  Nigeria. He
eagerly  shares  his  passion  and  knowledge  with  future  professionals. 
Beginners are  welcome. The
excitement builds up and never stops the magic of a  sunset  from  the  sky   is  
always  unforgettable.

Flying through the glaciers and  the  Alpine  peaks leaves people amazed.  You  feel  better ,  gratified,
Today people rush through security, X rayed for no reason then in a tube to their  plane glued
to their Ipads with frozen faces. 
These same faces brighten  up  when  they understand what they are
Unnecessary regulations and restrictions spoil our life. It is time to stop and think. Let us step


Safety is first of course but let us  find  again  pleasure in  simple  colorful emotions. It will benefit  our
mind and health.