Dr. Fabrizio Mencarelli is approved by Virgingalactic for medical evaluation passenger astronauts.
Flights that will start at the end of 2014.

Medical examiner for OFAC, EASA & FAA.
He can  renew medicals for worldwide pilots without limitation ( France and Italie have few FAA AME).
As a Professional pilot he will do his best to preserve your right to fly. FAA allowed him to issue insuline diabetic pilots.
Fabrizio Mencarelli can also  find all aircrafts for you to rent, buy or lease, from Cessna 172 to Boeing 747, all helicopters and all medical flights worldwide.

Concerning the medical profession, Fabrizio Mencarelli is a specialist in trauma and orthopedic surgery with 30 years of experience world wide.
He is also in direct contact with the best universities of the USA.
He will find the best solution for any of your problem. Dr. Fabrizio Mencarelli provides his patients with real antioxidant thérapies ( no fake products ) and the best care for your skin, body and joints.
He will not "rejuvenate" as most pseudo doctors claim, but will provide you with the best confirmed scientific products.
He uses currently hyaluronic acid for skin problems and pre-arthritic conditions.